Black is back – 5 Great Examples

Solid black isn’t a typical choice for most architecture. It’s stark and imposing, seeming to send a message that booms ‘go away.’ But sometimes, it works. These 10 all-black monochromatic buildings use techniques like unusual textures, cut-outs, cantilevering and pops of bright colors to soften the effect – and some just revel in their darkness.



Location: Łódź, Poland


Moomoo Architects have created a house that is both modern and preserves the tradition of his country. It was designed with minimalist interior based on that of traditional Polish house. The home is designed in such a way that it is unusually covered from top to bottom in a plastic insulation material called Thermpian, which is selected for its good isolating qualities and it can be colored in any color. This is one of the unique idea of a modern house design.


Location: Bogotá, Colombia


The project, meant for a family house back yard in the suburbs, aimed at designing a small park or opened area where the young parents and their newborn child would enjoy a independent space from day to day house activities, a space for reading, playing, etc. Having in mind this objective, and considering the usages of the space in the long term, it was proposed the project incorporated a small building to complement and support outside activities. That way he building would serve as a shelter for the child to share with his parents and, later on, as his own personal activities and hobbies setting.




Location: Hokkaido – Japan


the site sits in Northern Japan, in a small city of Eastern Hokkaido with a mere population of 7000. The forestry industry has been lasting since long ago, however depopulation advances while the factory industry declines. The house sits on a large site of about 2000 square meter in such a city. Building density in the area is very low, a unique cityscape in Japan. To the East, across the street, there is a wood factory, to the West, a hospital. The house has quite a distance from the nearest neighbors sitting to the South and North making it difficult to draw from the context.


THE OH HOUSE BY yasuhiro yamashita


OH house’ by japanese firm atelier tekuto (yasuhiro yamashita) has been built on an irregularly shaped lot that is 1.5 m lower than the road. the main priority regarding the house’s design was accommodating a parking space for a car. atelier tekuto created one with a web-like steel material, where light can filter from the web onto the underground level. looking up from this area, the car appears almost as if it is floating.


Location: Sendai, Japan


SOY Source Architects designed the multi-story “Dr. S’s House” for a single family in Sendai, Japan. The rectangular box-like structure is composed of corrugated galvanized steel with large windows that project out to help block direct sunlight. The house, connected by central stairs, is a series of overlapping spaces that allows each space to be loosely distinguished without the restriction of walls. The simplicity of the overall wood and white color palette allows for the house to remain open and airy. Built-in bookshelves line most of the perimeter’s interior walls giving the house a uniform look throughout, as well as provide for massive amounts of storage. The upper level is the children’s room, and it features three ladders that lead to separate sleeping lofts.


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